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Option to get 66.66% off my Landlord Law Essentials Ebook when you join Landlord Law


My popular landlord 'Essentials' e course in ebook form!

  • All the content from my ecourse, plus
  • Links to additional reading on the internet
  • Get it in Pdf, Epub and Kindle formats
  • Pay just £5 instead of £15 (incl VAT)
  • This price is ONLY available for new Landlord Law members 
Product Price

Landlord Law standard monthly membership for landlords (prices include VAT)


Landlord Law Essentials e book

2016 Edition.  Get it in pdf, epub and Kindle format.  Upon purchase you will be sent a download link so you can download a zip file with all three versions to your compluter.  If you have problems contact us for support.  Note - even if you cancel your Landlord Law membership you can still keep the ebook.

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66.66% discount -£10
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