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Getting the annual gas safety inspection done - how to gain access legally!

Q: I have to get the annual gas safety inspection done every year by law.  So if the tenants refuse to let you in - then it must be legal to just go in and do it? Right?

A: Wrong!  That is trespass and a breach of the tenant's right of 'quiet enjoyment' (i.e. the right to live in the property undisturbed by you).  Its also a criminal offence.

Q: But the law lets me go into the property in a case of emergency.  So the fact that the gas inspection has not been done will count as this, right?

A: Wrong!  The right of a landlord to enter in case of emergency is only for situations where the property is in obvious danger - for example if it is on fire.  You don't know for sure that there is anything wrong with the appliances at all.

Q: Very well, but as the gas might be dangerous, surely it is OK to go and switch it off?  After all the boiler could be about to blow! Right?

A: Wrong!  That is harassment which is also a criminal offence.  You can call the National Gas Emergency Number (0800 111 999) but you can't cut the supply off yourself. 

So what can you do?  This is where the Gas Access Kit comes in ...

What you are supposed to do - according to the Health & Safety Executive

The HSE are the organisation tasked by government with the job of enforcing these regulations.  If you get prosecuted, it will almost invariably be the HSE bringing the prosecution.

What they will expect, is for you to make three 'documented' attempts to gain access.  If you have tried three times, they will normally accept that you have done your best.  For the moment.

So you need to have sent at least three letters to the tenant asking for access to carry out the inspection.  And be in a position to prove this.

However if it is a long tenancy, they are unlikely to accept just three attempts over a period of years.   They will expect you to try again. 

Ultimatley, if the tenants persistently refuse, you will be expected to take them to court.  Which could be expensive - solicitor's costs could be upwards of £1,000 or more.

So how can this kit help?

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
The Gas Access Kit!

  • Details of your rights and your tenants rights.  We also take a look at the gas regulations themselves and see what you can and cannot do
  • Tips on trying to gain access, and drafts of three letters you can use to send to your tenant.
  • Tips on other ways you can try to gain access to the property short of court proceedings.  All perfectly legal.
  • Full details on how to get a County Court Injunction ordering the tenant to let you in, including all the forms, guidance on the procedure and what to do at court.
  • A bonus section on getting a court order for possession using ground 12 of the Housing Act 1988  (based on breach of the terms of the tenancy agreement).  This type of claim can be  tricky and we do not recommend it, but a draft notice and wording for the court forms are here if you need them
  • There is also a resources section with some extra documents to help you
  • The site is 'responsive' - which means you can use it on your tablet and smart phone as well as your laptop and desktop computer
  • You get lifetime access to the kit - or access as long as the kit remains online.  We expect this to be for many years (but you will get a refund of a proportional part of your fee if it gets taken down during your first year).
  • So how much is it?  It is £135 (inclusive of VAT) - which is not bad bearing in mind that it could save you thousands of pounds in solicitors fees!  It will also be updated if the law changes - which doesn't happen with books!
  • Once you have paid, our system will set up your membership of the site automatically and email you your login details and a welcome email. You will then have unlimited use of all the facilities of the site.  However if there are any problems, please contact us at help @  If necessary we can activate your membership manually. 

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We look forward to welcoming you to the kit and to hearing your feedback.

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