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A quick & easy guide to understanding your rights as a tenant

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  • About the legal side of renting - what a tenancy is, and what you landlord can and cannot do
  • What all the paperwork means, and what documents you need to have
  • What to do if it all goes wrong, eg if you can't pay your rent and/or if  your landlord wants to evict you
  • Empower yourself - after 12 weeks you may know more than your landlord!

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Written by specialist Landlord & Tenant lawyer Tessa Sheppereson

“If only more lawyers like you took the time to produce easy-to-understand legal information on the internet” Sindy-Jane Howard, tenant

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Learn the nuts and bolds of tenancy law

Many tenants are taken advantage of by their landlords due to their ignorance of the law.  Don't let this happen to you!

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Although you do not need to pay for the e course itself, we offer an index to the pages which is on a paid basis.  There is no obligation to get it however.

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